ERF 008: Food Cravings: The Truth, And How To Deal With Them

Food cravings can be a dieters worst nightmare.

You’re doing so good, the diet is going great, you feel great… and them BAM you need donuts NOW.

If you have dieted you have probably been there, and you are not alone.

What if I told you there are some fool proof ways to ensure you don’t even get these cravings?

And if you do, there are then ways to work around them so you can satisfy them, and still stay on track.

And even THEN, there are ways to say NO all together to them and teach yourself self control/discipline.

This weeks podcast dives into all areas of food cravings, be sure to give it a listen.

And also share with a friend, I think this one can help a lot of people.

Talk soon, -E. 

ERF Q&A 004: 5 Actionable Tips To Stay on Track This Labor Day

Just because it is a holiday does not mean your progress has to suffer…

And honestly, there is no way it can, because it’s ONE weekend.

That being said, for those who would like to be mindful / try to stay on track with your fitness goals this holiday weekend, this podcast is for you.

I give you 5 very quick and actionable tips you can be mindful of when planning/attenidng your holiday parties!

Let me know what you think, and which you think will help you the best!

ERF 007: Beauty in the Basics

Your favorite Instagram celebrity has their SWIPE AND TRY MY WORKOUT!!

You scroll through the internet looking for the latest and greatest HIIT workout with your favorite bosu ball and cable machine.

You spend all your time searching for the coolest most unique workout you can find so you “don’t get bored”, yet you have yet to master a basic squat.

You have yet to master learning how to properly set your shoulder blades when you do a push up so you don’t get a paid in the front of your shoulder or your wrists.

In a world where everything has to be new and unique, finding the beauty in the basics is what I am bringing to the light.

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ERF Q&A 003: Tips to Reduce Hunger While Dieting

This Q&A is something I get asked about a lot during someones fat loss journey.

Hunger is somewhat expected while being on a diet, obviously.

But there are certain ways to suppress that hunger if you strategically plan for it.

Listen to this weeks Q&A to find out 4 immediately actionable tips to help in your journey!

ERF Q&A 002: Pre/Post Workout Nutrition/Supplements

Should I take Preworkout?

What should I eat post workout?

Do I have to have my protein shake within 30 minutes of finishing my workout? What are good supplements to take for pre/post workout?

All these questions answered and more on this Q&A Session, feel free to give it a listen and let me know any further questions!

ERF 006: What I Wish I Knew About Fitness Coaching A Year Ago

I still remember the day I first walked into a gym.

I can recall as soon as I walked in a sense of belonging.

A feeling of knowing this is where I would be spending a great deal of time.

Turns out that feeling was right, and it would become the staple of the profession I chose.

Fitness has provided me an incredibly fulfilling and entertaining purpose in life.

From finding myself making the gym my top priority on family vacations, to getting sheer enjoyment from pushing my friends while we worked out, I knew I was meant to be involved. Continue reading “ERF 006: What I Wish I Knew About Fitness Coaching A Year Ago”

ERF 005: Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

Don’t eat that white rice it will make you fat!

Oh man if you have that potato for dinner it will automatically put 5lbs on you.

Idk how you can enjoy that sandwich, do you know the carbs in that?!

Any of these sound familiar?

What if I told you you can have rice, potatoes, bread and pasta, and STILL lose weight?

Lets’ dive in to find out how. 

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ERF 004: A Day in the Life – Motivation vs Discipline

You see an ad for a bathing suit you love, but are too afraid to wear it because of how it will look on you.

So you decide to join a gym and start exercising.

You watch a 4 minute youtube video on how Keto just magically burns fat off your body.

So you get motivated to start a new diet to drop some pounds.

While this is all exceptional, what happens when 5 days in your kid get sick and you can’t make it to the gym?

What happens when you don’t wanna have the plain chicken and broccoli for your scheduled meal?

This is what separates motivation vs discipline, and we are going to dive into the process of making these decisions today.

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