ERF Nutrition Hierarchy Series 3/4 – Calculating Macros For YOUR Goal

Calories are important, but what may be more important to really take control of your goal, whether fat loss or muscle gain, is macros.

You know how many calories you should be eating for your goal, but what makes up those calories?

How much protein, carbs, and fats should you be consuming?

This implement of the hierarchy series goes over exact numbers, percentages, and equations you should be using to set up your macros.

Tracking macros tends to be a more efficient and accurate way of tracking.

Calories can come from many places, but macros HAVE to come from certain places.

If you want to start taking your fitness goals seriously, I would advise to start tracking your macros.

If you want to start tracking your macros AND start taking your fitness goals seriously, I advise you watch/listen to this short bit of information.

I would also advise to reach out with any questions or help about your own plan, because I would be happy to help.

Talk soon, -E.

ERF Q&A 012: No Time To Meal Prep?

“I don’t have time to meal prep.”

“I am busy, I can’t spend all day cooking food.”

“If I am out or forgot about food, what can I grab to eat?”

All of these and many more come across my plate (get it?) when it comes meal prepping.

Why is meal prepping so important?

Plain and simple, it sets you in control, and it takes away the unpredictable.

If you prep your meals, you know exactly what you are eating.

If you plan your food ahead, it takes away any excuse to go off track, because it is already there for you, taking you out of a bind.

There is so much that goes along with peoples emotions and meal prepping.

Listen to this podcast where I go over meal prepping, what the real deal is, and ways to make it easier.

So you aren’t spending less time cooking, more time being busy like you are, yet still having food, making progress, and seeing results.


ERF Nutrition Hierarchy Series 2/4- How Many Calories Should YOU Eat?

How Many Calories Should YOU Eat For YOUR Goal?

This is part 2/4 of the Nutrition Hierarchy Series.

If you have not watched part one, please go give that a listen, or view HERE. 

It sets the framework for this entire thing by talking about the most important piece to your fitness equation,

Your Mind.

So go give that a view before you continue on here.

This is part two, so that means we have moved one up the hierarchy chain, and you guessed it.


Calories are going to be what it ultimately comes down to when referring to fat loss or weight gain.

If they are not in check, then no matter how much you workout, or swear you “eat healthy”, it will not make a difference.

This video labels out how many calories you should eat for fat loss or weight gain goals.

It also goes over the importance of them and why we need to track them.

This is a GREAT starting point for anyone watching. Everyone is different and numbers may be slightly different..

But that is not the point, the point is to START.

STOP making excuses or reasons why you can’t take control of your life and do this.

I hope this video helps.

If so, please share with someone who could benefit.

Also this is available via Youtube HERE



ERF Nutrition Hierarchy Series 1/4: You Can’t F This Up

Hey Guys,

This is part one of a four part series I am going to be putting up here when it comes to nutrition.

I wanted to do this to give people a foundational base of what they should focus on when thinking about nutrition.

So many people come to me and don’t know where to start or what to focus on when talking about their nutrition.

Or if they do know, they don’t know how many calories to eat or what their protein should be.

These videos are going to cover all of that and more. So I really think they can be of huge help to you out there looking for guidance.

This first part video is introducing the hierarchy and focusing on one major thing that makes it all up..

You can’t F this up.

You cannot “mess up” or “go off track”.

Even if you don’t hit your calories, or even if you miss a weeks worth of workouts..

You cannot screw this up, because it is a never ending journey.

DON’T just say “Well F it, I messed up, might as well go out and get back on track Monday..”.

No, you just get right back on track, the next meal.

And that is something I felt was so important it had to be the base of this hierarchy.

Part 2 will discuss why calories are so important, and how many YOU should eat for YOUR goal.

Let me know what you think, and if you know someone who can benefit feel free to share.

This is also available via Youtube HERE.



ERF Q&A 011: How To Perform Better During Your Workouts

While a lot of the goals these days are focused around losing fat, and that is great, I think the goal of having bomb ass workouts gets left behind.

And there is no reason to say you can’t do both.

This Q&A is a bit of a switch up from the normal fat loss advice, though it can help with that too.

I go over immediately actionable tips you can take with you and implement TODAY to help your workout performance in the gym.

Workout performance is important because without it, you cannot keep having better workouts.

And without that, you won’t be having an adequate stimulus to your body to promote change.

And without change, you will stay the same, and that is no fun.

Check out the podcast, let me know if you take any of the tips with you, and as always please SHARE with someone who could use the tips.

Thanks all. -E.


ERF 014: A Smarter Approach To Diets W/ Stan Efferding

Often times when dieting “fitness gurus” lead people down a road that is widely unsustainable, and downright unhealthy.

Depriving and Over Restricting is not the way to lose weight *and keep it off*.

This episode with Stan Efferding is something I am incredibly humbled and excited to bring to you guys. 

Stan brings a whole new element to the game. 

He preaches health first and foremost when starting anything fitness related.

He backs the Vertical Diet, the diet he created, with years and years of research and scientific studies.

He takes the “diet” term to a whole new level, creating a foundation that provides HEALTH first, then fat loss or muscle gain second.

But the health part never changes, because without that, nothing can work.

This podcast is PACKED with information, actionable tips, great stories, and a whole new way to view your diet.

There seriously is a lot of information, so might want to go back and re listen to certain parts. Stan does a great job of going in depth and provide the whole picture. 

You are going to want to share this one with a friend when you are done.. and you’ll know why. Let me know what you think.

And don’t be afraid to leave a 5 star rating and review if you enjoyed it. Thanks. -E.

Stan Instagram

ERF Q&A 010: Portion Size Matters

Through working with people, one thing that has stuck out to me is that portion control is a topic that is often overlooked, but necessary to talk about.

With so much focus being on calories and macros, and as they should because that is what is going to matter, what makes up those calories and macros?

Often times people may think they are “eating healthy”, but don’t realize they only need to eat one piece of bread instead of two, or 1 handful of almonds instead of 3.

This can make a huge difference in lowering total calories, not from going on any crazy diet, or only drinking hot soup on every 3rd Tuesday at high noon.

Just simply from controlling your portion control.

This episode of the Q&A talks about portion control and tips/tricks to ensure you are keeping yours in check.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Share with someone who could benefit. -E

ERF 013: Train For Performance, Diet For Fat Loss

What makes up how many calories you burn?

What goes into creating a caloric deficit and losing fat?

The mainstream fitness media has done a, for lack of better terms, shitty job of portraying that a CALORIE BURN!, is the best thing for working out.

Working out should be the LAST thing on your mind when it comes to fat loss.

Notice how I said for FAT LOSS, not building an aesthetic, healthy, functional, body. 

When you workout, it should be for performance.

IE getting stronger, getting more endurance, feeling more confident with movement patterns.

Let your diet take care of the fat loss, because as you will find out after listening to this, the exercise makes up the least amount when it comes to fat loss.

Please, if you liked this episode, share this with someone. 

A lot of people need to hear this, and you can help me make that happen. 

Talk soon, -E.

ERF Q&A 009: Is Sugar Making YOU Gain Weight?

Is Sugar The Thing Making YOU Gain Weight?

Sugar is demonized, and for somewhat “good reason”.

That being said, no it is not the reason you are gaining weight.

It is not the reason you struggle to lose weight.

That will be calorie deficit per usual.

But sugar can definitely make it harder on you, especially if you are looking to lose weight.

Give this Q&A a listen where I go over in depth on all things sugar.

Reach out with your thoughts/experiences or any other follow up questions. -E.