ERF 022: 3 Things 2019 Taught Me

The decade is coming to an end.

Crazy right?

The last year of this decade has been one of the most growth for me personally.

And it isn’t just how I got better.

It is how I was able to get better and help the people who work with me better.

How I learned from mistakes and take that information to use in future situations.

What ideas remained to hold true no matter what different scenario came up.

This podcast is different than the usual I will admit.

I kind of have a different tone, a different manner, different topics are discussed.

I also as a bonus talk about what I am most proud of.. that I think will be interesting to a lot of you.

Would be honored if you gave it a listen and let me know what you thought.

And let me know what this decade may have taught you.

Always have respect for people who have more experience than I that are able to give insight. 

Thank you for an incredible year, and looking forward to starting 2020 off right!!!


ERF 021: Why You Should Be Lifting Weights *For Fat Loss*

Run Forest, Run!

No, just no. Running is NOT the only way to lose fat. Doing hours and hours of cardio is very outdated in the sense of trying to lose fat.

Lifting weights is considered paramount in ones plan of action for losing fat. 

NO, it will not immediately make you big and bulky. Trust me, I wish it did, or I wouldn’t still be here trying 8 years into my own journey.

It is great for changing your body. Changing your muscle : fat ratio. For burning more calories at rest, BY DOING NOTHING, might I add.

For changing not only your physical strength, but your mental and emotional strength as well. 

It should be a staple in your routine.

Listen here to find out the benefits. 

ERF Q&A 019: What Is “Flexible Dieting” And How Can You Use It To Lose Fat?

Can you really still eat your favorite foods and lose fat?

Well, kind of.

Flexible Dieting gets a lot of attention.

It is something that CAN be very useful, when done right.

What the hell is it though?

I can tell you what it isn’t, eating whatever you want however much you want whenever the hell you want, and thinking you will still lose fat.

It is NOT an easy way out of dieting/losing fat.

It is simply just a way to enjoy your favorite foods, in moderation, with the base of your diet being nutrient dense, Whole Foods.

How can you do this though without over indulging?

Without just saying F it and eating whatever the hell you want?

This podcast goes over exactly what flexible dieting is, and how you can implement it in YOUR fat loss journey.

Let me know what you think. I love feedback so reach out to me with thoughts, questions, concerns. 

ERF 020: How Motivation Actually Works

People are confused. 

Motivation is what everyone looks for when talking about fitness.

Whether it is getting started, whether it is continuing, or whether it is making change.

People THINK it goes : Motivation , Action, Results.

They are sadly mistaken.

The #1 thing that causes motivation, is action.

Without taking action, there will be no results.

With no results, there will be no reason/want for you to keep going.

Motivation truly comes from taking action on the thing you want to happen. 

If you want to go to the gym, you aren’t going to go if you keep looking for motivation to go.

You will go by actually GOING.

Listen to this podcast to find out how motivation is not only made, but sustained.

ERF Q&A 018: Weight Spikes, And What To Do About Them

You started a diet. Eating healthier. Exercising regularly. You are looking to see some progress on the scale.

You start off great, everything is going well, then catastrophe strikes.

Your weight spikes up. You ruined everything and what you are doing now isn’t working..

Even typing that out hurt me. That is 100% not true. 

Weight spikes are normal, and are going to happen regardless.

It is important to understand them, get educated on them, and then know what to do when they happen.

Give this podcast a listen to get educated on what weight spikes are, why they are normal, and what to do and not do when they happen.

Teaser: The answer is keep fucking going.

Talk soon. -E.

ERF 019: “All or Nothing” Mentality

“When I do something I’m all in or all out”.

Well, actually…. You’re not.

See the problem is, being “all in or all out”, is not a real thing.

Because think about, if you were all in, wouldn’t you do everything you could to get it done?

And I’m not saying be perfect, but no matter what find a way to make something happen.

See people who say they are all in or all out, are really just anticipating future fear. 

Fear of failing. Fear of not seeing it through. Fear of getting out of their comfort zone.

And by saying they can be all in or all out, it creates a safety net for them to then, when they feel like quitting, being able to and not feeling bad.

They are making up justifications for things that haven’t even happened yet.

I strongly urge you to listen to this podcast.

I talk in depth about this, and give my thoughts on alternative ways of thinking around this mentality.

Let me know if you enjoyed it. And please leave a 5 star rating and review on the podcast. It helps me out a ton. 

Talk soon. -E.

ERF Q&A 017: How To Mix Fat Loss & Workout Performance

It seems that it is either one or the other. Fat loss or workout performance. 

Or it seems that workout performance gets thrown under the rug when fat loss is in the mix.

I’m here to tell you you can have both. They can be married as one. It just has to be a marriage that is planned out and taken care of well.

You CAN still have really good workouts when in a calorie deficit. You don’t HAVE to lose energy lose strength and have your workouts suffer.

Because at the end of the day, the workouts are going to change your body. You provide a stimulus to your body to adapt to.

If you can still keep up the intensity, keep providing a stimulus enough so your body needs to adapt to it.

Not only will you see fat loss, but you will see muscle gain, strength gain, better endurance, to name a few.

They are both important, and this podcasts labels out how you can create a healthy loving marriage.

Let me know what you think. Talk soon. -E.

ERF 018: Mental, Physical, Emotional Progress

This podcast started as a way to track progress other than the scale.

It quickly turned into a philosophical rant about the way people make decisions and think about life.

Either way, I think it is something that can help a lot of people.

The way people think controls their decision making. Their decision making then controls their outcome. 

To get a better outcome, you would first have to focus on the thought and decision making process. 

This is what this podcast does.

It is a bit different, so please let me know if you found it enjoyable and or interesting and or stop trying to be a philanthropist Eric.

Talk soon, -E.