ERF Q&A 025: 3 Things That You Are Blaming For Your Lack Of Fat Loss

Stress, Hormones, and Age..

If you have ever been around a gym, or your aunt Karen, one of these 3 things has probably come up in conversation of why she can’t lose weight.

I am here to tell you, none of those things are the reason your weight loss is not happening..

In this podcast I debunk those 3 things, and let you know what is REALLY going on with your fat loss.

Give it a listen, let me know what you think, and would love to hear from you. -E.

ERF 026: Know What To Do, But Just Aren’t Doing It?

Everyone KNOWS what to do.. But why aren’t most people doing it?

A bunch of things, but one glaring one, is self efficacy.

You don’t believe it is possible. You don’t believe what you are doing is going to get you to where you want to be.

If you don’t think it is going to matter if you track your calories or not, well then of course you aren’t going to track your calories.

If you think whether you workout or not you aren’t going to see fat loss, of course you are not going to workout. 

“How can I lose fat?” should be “What can I do to remain consistent  to a plan for a long period of time?”.

And to me, the first step is to believe what you are doing is going to get you to where you what to be.

This podcast dives into self efficacy and getting that belief that you CAN do it and it IS possible. Let me know what you think.


ERF Q&A 024: Strength Training Vs Muscle Building?

People think if you lift weights, you automatically get big and bulky.

Trust me, I wish that was the case.

But no, it is not. Just because you lift weights, doesn’t mean you AUTOMATICALLY build muscle.

Can you? Of course. But there are certain ways you can structure your exercise so train for more purely strength.

Train for more muscle. 

Train for both.

And you should not be scared of either one. Because they are both essential, and should be included in your workout program.

Take a listen to this weeks podcast to understand the difference between the two, and how you can implement into your own routine.


ERF 025: Stop Taking The Easy Way Out

Everyone says they want to lose 20 lbs, that’s great.. but how?

Yeah eat less, move more.. but HOW?

Well, that is what I talk about in this podcast.

It is something I am VERY passionate about.

And something 99% of fitness marketers or companies won’t sell you.

And that is simply, just stop taking the easy way out. 

Stop looking for the shortcut, and then once you know there isn’t one, make decisions based on that. 

If you struggle with consistency, Think you will enjoy this podcast. Let me know and leave a review if you enjoyed / got value from it. 

Talk soon, -E.

ERF Q&A 023: Cardio Vs Weight Lifting For Fat Loss?

The great debate.

When one is looking to lose some weight and change their physique, we know diet is paramount (Well we should by now..).

But when it comes to exercising, how should you spend your time?

Doing HIIT workouts?

Doing hours of steady state cardio?

Lifting heavy weights? (One no one thinks of).

Well, it is a great question to have, and one that has a multi-sided answer.

First and foremost, it DOESN’T have to be one or the other. 

You can, and should, do both.

BUT, when talking about which is more beneficial,

When talking about what is going to give you the best bang for your buck.. the most return on your investment (your time)..

There seems to be a clear favorite.

Check out the podcast to see which one comes out on top.

ERF 024: How To Make Your Gym Time Most Effective

When you go into the gym to workout, how can you make sure you are spending your time efficiently?

How can you make sure you are spending the time you are taking out and putting into the gym yields you results?

Perfect questions, and as usual, I gotchu.

Most people use the gym as an avenue to burn calories…. I’ll have a video out on my YouTube channel in the next couple of days about that.

Be sure to subscribe HERE so you don’t miss it.

But moving along, as a sneak peek preview, when you get into the gym, you should be focusing on weight lifting. 

Within that weight lifting, there are certain principles and exercises you should be focusing on to ensure your time is spent wisely.

I won’t say there is a “wrong” way to workout, but there are certainly countless amounts of evidence proving there are ways to get the best bang for your buck.

Choosing what exercises to do would be one of them. 

Where your head is at mentally when you are working out is another.

Expectations for yourself, other people, the workouts, is one that people must understand. 

And how many times a week you should be doing all of these things then come into play.

This podcast will cover all of that, and then some.

Check it out, and please let me know what you think. 

I ask in this podcast if you truly get any value from it… please take 5 minuted to leave a rating and review.

For real, it would mean a lot to me.

Talk soon. -E.

ERF Q&A 022: Fight Hunger On A Diet

Diets fail for two main reasons, you either get hungry or tired.

Some will say time, but that isn’t a valid reason. That’s an excuse.

Getting hungry on a diet can lead you to obviously over indulge, not stick to it, and not see results.

Now, SOME hunger is okay.. And almost a sign you are in a deficit.

And no, I am not saying starve yourself to lose weight. 

When that hunger inevitably does come about, there are tools you can use to ensure it subsides.

1. Protein. Getting around 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight is CRUCIAL for fighting hunger while on a diet.

2. Micronutrients / Veggies / Food Volume. Loading up on low calorie foods can fill your stomach up, satisfy your body, and allow you to stay in a deficit.

3. Size of deficit. You HAVE to be in a calorie deficit.. But how aggressive is up to you. If you are too aggressive, and the hunger is too high.. Then decrease the amount of a deficit.

4. Meal Timing. And no, this is not to speed up your metabolism. This is to make sure you stay full and satisfied throughout the day, so you don’t over eat at night.

These are the bookmark version of what I cover in this podcast. 

Check it out if you need some help with your New Years Diet.

ERF 023: What Conversations Are You Having With Yourself?

Conversations are going on inside your head millions of times a day.

Decisions are being made left and right. 

We can use this to change not only your physique, but your life. For real.

The conversations that go on inside your head shape the decisions for that day..

“Well I need to work out… but I’m busy.. so F it.”

“This weight is getting heavy.. I am getting tired… F this I’m done.”

“I probably should pack a lunch.. but I don’t feel like it.”

All of these things go on.. and can be the difference between making changes or not.

Listen to this podcast to understand how you can own the thoughts in your head, effectively changing your life.

Let me know your thoughts.


ERF Q&A 021: How To Get Back On Track After The Holidays

Eat too many Christmas cookies? Do not fear, you are not alone here.

The holidays are an amazing time to spend with family, cherish down time, and eat some reallllly good “bad” foods.

That being said, maaaaybe wasn’t the most advantageous for your fitness goals.

Which is totally okay, because no one got shredded in 2 weeks, you won’t get fat in 2 weeks either.

Listen to this podcast on how to get your ass back in gear to have a kick ass, goal achieving, 2020!