Coach Bob

Yo! My name is Bob Hoover. (Yes, just like the vacuum but no relation unfortunately) I’m a fitness coach residing in northeast Ohio. 

I’m just an average dude who’s passionate about fitness that helps people get stronger, more defined/toned, and more confident both in and outside of the gym. 

That said, I’m not your drill sergeant type of guy. I’m pretty a chill dude, but I’ll be 100%  honest when you need a little kick in the ass.


The people who know me best – including my clients – will tell you I’m laid back, friendly, funny, hard working, and someone who couldn’t even hurt a fly.

Outside of coaching, you’ll either find me reading a book, at the gym, going on a walk with my baby Emmy (she’s a dog but we call her The Baby) and Wife, or watching my favorite sports teams continue to disappoint me year in and year out.


Naturally, I’m a huge sports fan. Growing up, I played  baseball and basketball until my senior year of high school. I’m from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio so  for those of you that know sports, yeah… not much happens for us and our sports teams. Anyways, I’m still holding out hope that one day my Brownies can win a Super Bowl. 

Alright, enough about my interests…here are a few things related to fitness: 


I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Cleveland State University in 2019.


I’ve had the opportunity to coach some truly amazing human beings from all walks of life both in person and online. I’ve helped them reach their fitness goals ranging from fat loss, gaining muscle, getting more toned/defined,  increased mobility, and even improved balance. 


I’ve personally been training myself for 10+ years. I’ve tried every single split, workout, and exercise modality you can think of. Therefore, I have plenty of personal experience on knowing what’s effective and what’s not. 


I’ve also experimented with every single diet imaginable and failed at all of them (ha!) – keto, paleo, vegan, bodybuilding style, and yes… even carnivore. There was one thing I learned – all of them are BS. 


That said, I’ll always be honest and upfront. I’m far from perfect. I’m not scared to make mistakes because every mistake is a lesson learned in my book. It’s ok to mess up as long as you get right back up. 

My goal is to get you so confident in the gym, along with your body and nutrition, so that you feel like you can truly conquer anything in life because of the bad ass you’ve become.


I want every client I coach to realize their potential and if they put in the work, they can accomplish anything. 

Now, that doesn’t mean it will be easy. There will be challenges. But, good outcomes come from doing hard things. 

Here is what  I promise you – If you take action, stay persistent and disciplined, never give up,  and do the shit you know you need to do consistently over time, you WILL get results.

I’m so grateful, appreciative, and blessed for this opportunity to work under Eric and I promise you that I will always give you my 110% effort and time and commitment – All I ask is you return the favor. 


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