Technique Tips Form Video Submission

Here is where you can submit your form video to get the opportunity for me to go over on my YouTube channel. 

If you are not subscribed to my YouTube channel, you can do so HERE.

Remember, I may not be able to get to everyone who submits a video and for that I apologize, though I will do the best I can. 

If you are not picked for a form video review, it is nothing against you personally, I just physically can’t get to every single persons form video. 

I appreciate you understanding and if you want a chance to have your form video reviewed, you can enter your information here below!

** Watch this quick video below if you are confused on how to upload your form video!


Here you can upload the URL to where your video is. This can be a google drive link, a YouTube link, or other. Just be sure it is set to "shared with anyone who has the link".