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Have you been doing this whole diet and exercise thing, but just not seeing the results you want?

You’ve been trying to lose the same 20 lbs for the last 5 10 15 years. 

Or maybe you have lost the weight, but gained it back.

You may have even gotten to the point where you wonder if you are even capable of achieving these goals you have.


I am here to tell you, YOU ARE CAPABLE OF IT.

Here is the issue, there is so much information out here on this wonderful internet, that it can make confusing of what actually needs to happen.

What really matters when it comes to losing fat, and building muscle definition.

Do you have to keto? Or maybe you try fasting? Or no sugar, okay but also apple cider vinegar!


What if I told you I have the answers for you, to get you to those goals you so badly want.

You can lose fat while still eating carbs.

You can lose fat without starving yourself to the point where you can eat enough for a small village.

You can get that toned, lean, physique you feel that is out of your reach. 


Let us show you how.

Whether it’s myself or one of my amazing assistant coaches, we’ve coached thousands of people of people just like you. 

Through doing that we have learned how to get you the results you deserve. 

We have learned what matters when it comes to getting the body you want. 

We’ve discovered certain pillars of fitness that, no matter who you are, or no matter where you start.. You will benefit from.

We tell you this because, we don’t want to see you struggle. We don’t want to see you pull your hair out trying to lose fat.

We want you to know it is possible, and you will do it.


Let us help you.

Check out some of these amazing individuals below to see how they let us help them.





“Eric has taught me how to eat and still enjoy my life with my newfound love. I was worried about not having fun anymore with my boyfriend because we traveled so much and we were always on the go. When I started the program, I was like Eric would not be able to keep up with my life. Boy was I wrong! He was all over it, always making me plan ahead for every trip planned and every restaurant I went out to. Since I started this program on September 23, 2019 I have travelled to Las Vegas, Iceland, Philly (had Philly Cheesesteak!), Fort Lauderdale, and countless concerts and events in the area. So basically, I didn’t stop enjoying my life while on this weight loss journey. THANK YOU ERIC!!!” 


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Bob D 


So, you going to let us help you, just like we have have helped them?

Is it finally time to stick to something consistently, longer than 2 4 6 weeks, and see ever lasting change?

Has the time come you want someone who not only has the knowledge to help you, but cares about you more than you will ever realize. 

To give you individualized workout and nutrition plans, with diets scheduled around your life, and your favorite foods.

Do you think having someone to check in with you every single day to plan ahead for nights out, or answer questions you may have along your journey, would help out a bit?

If you answered yes to any of those questions… We may be a good fit. 

If it is time for you finally start seeing the results you deserve, change your lifestyle habits, and feel comfortable in your body, fill the form out below. Let’s do this. 

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