ERF Q&A 005: Tips For Teachers/Busy Individuals To Keep Nutrition On track

That time is upon us.

Kindergartners scream for mommy and high school kids wish it never came back.

Back to School!

While I couldn’t be more happy that this doesn’t apply to me, for a lot of people it does.

And I know a lot of teachers follow me, and tell me they have a hard time staying on track when they have meetings, can’t leave their classroom, or have to stay late after work.

This quick podcast labels a few ways I have seen work best for teachers, or any individual really who is busy during the day (all of us?).

Give a listen, please share if it helped you. I know these teacher communities roll deep so if it helped, feel free to share it with another.

 Let me know what you think, and if I missed anything that has worked for you please let me know! I am always trying to learn more from those in the trenches!

Until next time, -E.