ERF Q&A 016: The “Right Calorie Deficit” Amount?

Spoiler alert: There is no “right” calorie deficit you should be aiming for.

There is only a right amount for YOU.

There are plenty of equations and calculations out there, but none of them take into consideration the individual.

And not just the physical component, but the mental.

Have you been dieting for years? Are you just starting? Do you have a history or binging/anorexia? 

So much needs to go into this.. This podcast will help give you tools to make you critically think for yourself, and decide upon what would work best for YOU. 

Let me know what you think. -E. 


ERF Q&A 013: Are You At A Fat Loss Plateau?

The number one thing I hear is people telling me their fat loss has stalled.

Then I asked them for how long.. 4 days, 8 days, 2 weeks.

That isn’t a fat loss plateau, that is you being impatient. 

Well then you tell me but Eric I have been tracking my calories perfectly, why am I not losing!

You track calories.. but do you really?

Do track the weekends?

Do you really weigh out your food?

Do you track the nibbles here and there throughout the day?

The plates you finish for your kids or the food you graze on while making their lunches?

Tracking calories is a great tool, but you have to actually track calories.

Do you have to track calories for the rest of your life?


But after you track calories legit for 30, 60, 90 days, you will get a good grasp of what 4oz of chicken looks like.

So you will have gained the skill to not have to track calories, and still see results or sustain the results you already have.

And you will probably realize, man I wasn’t actually eating the calories I thought it was, so maybe I am not at a fat loss plateau…

Give it some thought. -E.

ERF Nutrition Hierarchy Series 2/4- How Many Calories Should YOU Eat?

How Many Calories Should YOU Eat For YOUR Goal?

This is part 2/4 of the Nutrition Hierarchy Series.

If you have not watched part one, please go give that a listen, or view HERE. 

It sets the framework for this entire thing by talking about the most important piece to your fitness equation,

Your Mind.

So go give that a view before you continue on here.

This is part two, so that means we have moved one up the hierarchy chain, and you guessed it.


Calories are going to be what it ultimately comes down to when referring to fat loss or weight gain.

If they are not in check, then no matter how much you workout, or swear you “eat healthy”, it will not make a difference.

This video labels out how many calories you should eat for fat loss or weight gain goals.

It also goes over the importance of them and why we need to track them.

This is a GREAT starting point for anyone watching. Everyone is different and numbers may be slightly different..

But that is not the point, the point is to START.

STOP making excuses or reasons why you can’t take control of your life and do this.

I hope this video helps.

If so, please share with someone who could benefit.

Also this is available via Youtube HERE