ERF Q&A 012: No Time To Meal Prep?

“I don’t have time to meal prep.”

“I am busy, I can’t spend all day cooking food.”

“If I am out or forgot about food, what can I grab to eat?”

All of these and many more come across my plate (get it?) when it comes meal prepping.

Why is meal prepping so important?

Plain and simple, it sets you in control, and it takes away the unpredictable.

If you prep your meals, you know exactly what you are eating.

If you plan your food ahead, it takes away any excuse to go off track, because it is already there for you, taking you out of a bind.

There is so much that goes along with peoples emotions and meal prepping.

Listen to this podcast where I go over meal prepping, what the real deal is, and ways to make it easier.

So you aren’t spending less time cooking, more time being busy like you are, yet still having food, making progress, and seeing results.


ERF Q&A 010: Portion Size Matters

Through working with people, one thing that has stuck out to me is that portion control is a topic that is often overlooked, but necessary to talk about.

With so much focus being on calories and macros, and as they should because that is what is going to matter, what makes up those calories and macros?

Often times people may think they are “eating healthy”, but don’t realize they only need to eat one piece of bread instead of two, or 1 handful of almonds instead of 3.

This can make a huge difference in lowering total calories, not from going on any crazy diet, or only drinking hot soup on every 3rd Tuesday at high noon.

Just simply from controlling your portion control.

This episode of the Q&A talks about portion control and tips/tricks to ensure you are keeping yours in check.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Share with someone who could benefit. -E