ERF 025: Stop Taking The Easy Way Out

Everyone says they want to lose 20 lbs, that’s great.. but how?

Yeah eat less, move more.. but HOW?

Well, that is what I talk about in this podcast.

It is something I am VERY passionate about.

And something 99% of fitness marketers or companies won’t sell you.

And that is simply, just stop taking the easy way out. 

Stop looking for the shortcut, and then once you know there isn’t one, make decisions based on that. 

If you struggle with consistency, Think you will enjoy this podcast. Let me know and leave a review if you enjoyed / got value from it. 

Talk soon, -E.

ERF 023: What Conversations Are You Having With Yourself?

Conversations are going on inside your head millions of times a day.

Decisions are being made left and right. 

We can use this to change not only your physique, but your life. For real.

The conversations that go on inside your head shape the decisions for that day..

“Well I need to work out… but I’m busy.. so F it.”

“This weight is getting heavy.. I am getting tired… F this I’m done.”

“I probably should pack a lunch.. but I don’t feel like it.”

All of these things go on.. and can be the difference between making changes or not.

Listen to this podcast to understand how you can own the thoughts in your head, effectively changing your life.

Let me know your thoughts.