ERF 012: Mobility Matters W/ Karon Hawkins

Mobility is the secret sauce.

It can not only help existing injuries inside (or outside) of the gym, but it can PREVENT new ones, if done properly.

Todays guest is a special one.

Karon is actually the man I am working with currently on MY body, so you know I have a ton of respect for him.

He goes very in depth on how the body moves, how joints are supposed to work together, how our everyday lives can lead us to not use our bodies correctly.

We go over not only theories and strategies to inform people on how they can fix/prevent injuries, but provide some applicable information you can immediately take and start seeing results.

This is the longest podcast yet, and there is some parts that get a bit in depth… but that is why myself or Karon are here to help answer the questions you guys have. 

It is the longest because we just kept giving too much damn value to stop. 

Let me or Karon know any questions you guys have. Be sure to share this one with a friend if you got any value out of it.

Everyone can benefit from a little mobility work, so don’t be shy to share. 

Below are some links to what we talked about in the podcast, and Karons Info. Til Next Time, -E.


Ian Markow Full Body Car Routine 

ERF Q&A 006: Should You Be Sore After Your Workouts?

This is a question I have heard throughout gyms since I started working out.

Heard some people say if you aren’t sore after you workout, you aren’t working hard enough!

Heard if your muscles don’t ache for days, then you aren’t pushing and your body is not changing!

This could not be farther from the truth.

Can you have an effective workout and be sore? Yep.

Can you have an even more effective workout and not be sore? Absolutely.

Some people believe if they aren’t getting or stopped getting sore, then they need to change up their routine and find something new.

Again, couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Give this podcast a listen to learn about what soreness comes from, what factors influence it, why it is arbitrary in achieving your fitness goals, and what you should be tracking instead of how sore you are. 

This podcast was made available by one of you guys who reached out to me and asked me this question. 

I thrive off questions and love answering them! So please reach out to me via dm, email, text, wherever, and ask away! Your question could end up on the podcast!

Thank you all so much,