ERF Q&A 022: Fight Hunger On A Diet

Diets fail for two main reasons, you either get hungry or tired.

Some will say time, but that isn’t a valid reason. That’s an excuse.

Getting hungry on a diet can lead you to obviously over indulge, not stick to it, and not see results.

Now, SOME hunger is okay.. And almost a sign you are in a deficit.

And no, I am not saying starve yourself to lose weight. 

When that hunger inevitably does come about, there are tools you can use to ensure it subsides.

1. Protein. Getting around 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight is CRUCIAL for fighting hunger while on a diet.

2. Micronutrients / Veggies / Food Volume. Loading up on low calorie foods can fill your stomach up, satisfy your body, and allow you to stay in a deficit.

3. Size of deficit. You HAVE to be in a calorie deficit.. But how aggressive is up to you. If you are too aggressive, and the hunger is too high.. Then decrease the amount of a deficit.

4. Meal Timing. And no, this is not to speed up your metabolism. This is to make sure you stay full and satisfied throughout the day, so you don’t over eat at night.

These are the bookmark version of what I cover in this podcast. 

Check it out if you need some help with your New Years Diet.

ERF Q&A 021: How To Get Back On Track After The Holidays

Eat too many Christmas cookies? Do not fear, you are not alone here.

The holidays are an amazing time to spend with family, cherish down time, and eat some reallllly good “bad” foods.

That being said, maaaaybe wasn’t the most advantageous for your fitness goals.

Which is totally okay, because no one got shredded in 2 weeks, you won’t get fat in 2 weeks either.

Listen to this podcast on how to get your ass back in gear to have a kick ass, goal achieving, 2020!


ERF 022: 3 Things 2019 Taught Me

The decade is coming to an end.

Crazy right?

The last year of this decade has been one of the most growth for me personally.

And it isn’t just how I got better.

It is how I was able to get better and help the people who work with me better.

How I learned from mistakes and take that information to use in future situations.

What ideas remained to hold true no matter what different scenario came up.

This podcast is different than the usual I will admit.

I kind of have a different tone, a different manner, different topics are discussed.

I also as a bonus talk about what I am most proud of.. that I think will be interesting to a lot of you.

Would be honored if you gave it a listen and let me know what you thought.

And let me know what this decade may have taught you.

Always have respect for people who have more experience than I that are able to give insight. 

Thank you for an incredible year, and looking forward to starting 2020 off right!!!