ERF Nutrition Hierarchy Series 1/4: You Can’t F This Up

Hey Guys,

This is part one of a four part series I am going to be putting up here when it comes to nutrition.

I wanted to do this to give people a foundational base of what they should focus on when thinking about nutrition.

So many people come to me and don’t know where to start or what to focus on when talking about their nutrition.

Or if they do know, they don’t know how many calories to eat or what their protein should be.

These videos are going to cover all of that and more. So I really think they can be of huge help to you out there looking for guidance.

This first part video is introducing the hierarchy and focusing on one major thing that makes it all up..

You can’t F this up.

You cannot “mess up” or “go off track”.

Even if you don’t hit your calories, or even if you miss a weeks worth of workouts..

You cannot screw this up, because it is a never ending journey.

DON’T just say “Well F it, I messed up, might as well go out and get back on track Monday..”.

No, you just get right back on track, the next meal.

And that is something I felt was so important it had to be the base of this hierarchy.

Part 2 will discuss why calories are so important, and how many YOU should eat for YOUR goal.

Let me know what you think, and if you know someone who can benefit feel free to share.

This is also available via Youtube HERE.



ERF Q&A 009: Is Sugar Making YOU Gain Weight?

Is Sugar The Thing Making YOU Gain Weight?

Sugar is demonized, and for somewhat “good reason”.

That being said, no it is not the reason you are gaining weight.

It is not the reason you struggle to lose weight.

That will be calorie deficit per usual.

But sugar can definitely make it harder on you, especially if you are looking to lose weight.

Give this Q&A a listen where I go over in depth on all things sugar.

Reach out with your thoughts/experiences or any other follow up questions. -E.


ERF Q&A 007: Intermittent Fasting – The Effects, And Women In Particular

Another one of the latest fads…

Intermittent Fasting.

While people claim it to be this miracle weight loss, fat burning, overall body changing experience, like they are in euphoria or something…

What is the real deal behind it?

What are the side effects?

What happens to a females body in particular when they perform it?

Does it really help with fat loss?

Take a listen to find out on your own.  

If you like the content provided within, and only if you do, then please share it with someone. If you know someone thinking of trying it, or who always talks about it, or who is doing it, shoot it their way to see what they think.

Talk soon, -E.


ERF 011: Beyond Macros and Muscles With Jordan Syatt

Guys, I could not be more excited to bring this episode to you guys. I even went out of my way and dropped it a few days early because I am so excited. 

I think it will bring you all so much value. 

Jordan is I believe one a kind within this space. He not only really knows his shit and can get people results, but he does it in a way that is almost therapeutic and incredibly genuine.

We go so much deeper than what your macros should be for fat loss and what exercise are the best to build muscle.

We talk about WHY people struggle with losing weight and what tends to hold people back mentally.

We talk about what it takes to actually see behavior / lifestyle changes and habit creating.

We discuss the difference between men and women on their own respective fat loss journey.

This podcast is truly I believe the best one yet, and I could not be more honored to have Jordan on as the first guest.

I will link his info down below of where you can get more of him.

If you guys did end up liking the podcast as much as I did, PLEASE share it.

Take a screenshot and post it in your IG story or your facebook and tag me so I can see who is listening and thank you personally. 

Instagram- @SyattFitness

Youtube- Jordan Syatt

Podcast- Jordan Syatt Mini Podcast