ERF Q&A 028: Why Fad Diets “Work”

Keto isn’t magic.

Intermittent Fasting isn’t magic.

South Beach, ideal protein, none of it.

All of them have ONE goal in mind. All of them HAVE to have one thing..

Calorie deficit. 

It is just how you create that deficit (and how sustainable it is) can be a million different ways.

Listen up to learn more about fad diets, and how you can learn from to apply the knowledge for yourself.


ERF 016: Netflix Documentary Gamechangers Review

The Gamechangers documentary is catching a lot of hype in the fitness world.

It basically claims that plant based diets are the “healthiest”, and eating meat will eventually clog your arteries and you will die. 

Yea.. even reading that you are wondering wtf.

I haven’t watched a documentary or movie In I couldn’t tell you how long, but with such questions coming my way from it, figured I would make a podcast with my thoughts.

Give it a listen to here my point of view on plant based diets, the athletes in there, the people who made the movie, etc etc..

Let me know what YOU think!