ERF Q&A 027: Frustrated With Your Lack Of Progress? A Troubleshooting Plan

You are putting in a TON of effort. 

You think you are doing everything right.

Eating “healthy” (whatever that means?), working out 3-4x a week.

And just not seeing the results you want?

Well, one of many things could be going on. 

You may need a new plan..

But for 99% of you, you need to ensure you are actually following your current plan.

And when I say following, I mean like on the weekends too. 

And those bites here and there you eat off your kids plate.

Not following your plan with 90% or more consistency, and being frustrated with progress, is just not a real thing.

Whether that is calorie counting, or exercising, it is often the extra 5-10% that people think don’t matter.

That extra 5-10% effort, weighing foods out, doing one more rep when it gets heavy, tracking the weekends, makes the difference.

And from there, you will see you don’t need a new plan.

You need to figure out where you are going wrong, and nail that extra 5-10%.

Brand new YouTube video is out now on how to troubleshoot your own progress, especially if you are not seeing the results you want.

And please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for help or advice, I would love to help however I possibly can.


ERF 018: Mental, Physical, Emotional Progress

This podcast started as a way to track progress other than the scale.

It quickly turned into a philosophical rant about the way people make decisions and think about life.

Either way, I think it is something that can help a lot of people.

The way people think controls their decision making. Their decision making then controls their outcome. 

To get a better outcome, you would first have to focus on the thought and decision making process. 

This is what this podcast does.

It is a bit different, so please let me know if you found it enjoyable and or interesting and or stop trying to be a philanthropist Eric.

Talk soon, -E.