ERF Nutrition Hierarchy Series 3/4 – Calculating Macros For YOUR Goal

Calories are important, but what may be more important to really take control of your goal, whether fat loss or muscle gain, is macros.

You know how many calories you should be eating for your goal, but what makes up those calories?

How much protein, carbs, and fats should you be consuming?

This implement of the hierarchy series goes over exact numbers, percentages, and equations you should be using to set up your macros.

Tracking macros tends to be a more efficient and accurate way of tracking.

Calories can come from many places, but macros HAVE to come from certain places.

If you want to start taking your fitness goals seriously, I would advise to start tracking your macros.

If you want to start tracking your macros AND start taking your fitness goals seriously, I advise you watch/listen to this short bit of information.

I would also advise to reach out with any questions or help about your own plan, because I would be happy to help.

Talk soon, -E.