ERF Q&A 024: Strength Training Vs Muscle Building?

People think if you lift weights, you automatically get big and bulky.

Trust me, I wish that was the case.

But no, it is not. Just because you lift weights, doesn’t mean you AUTOMATICALLY build muscle.

Can you? Of course. But there are certain ways you can structure your exercise so train for more purely strength.

Train for more muscle. 

Train for both.

And you should not be scared of either one. Because they are both essential, and should be included in your workout program.

Take a listen to this weeks podcast to understand the difference between the two, and how you can implement into your own routine.


ERF 013: Train For Performance, Diet For Fat Loss

What makes up how many calories you burn?

What goes into creating a caloric deficit and losing fat?

The mainstream fitness media has done a, for lack of better terms, shitty job of portraying that a CALORIE BURN!, is the best thing for working out.

Working out should be the LAST thing on your mind when it comes to fat loss.

Notice how I said for FAT LOSS, not building an aesthetic, healthy, functional, body. 

When you workout, it should be for performance.

IE getting stronger, getting more endurance, feeling more confident with movement patterns.

Let your diet take care of the fat loss, because as you will find out after listening to this, the exercise makes up the least amount when it comes to fat loss.

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