ERF 012: Mobility Matters W/ Karon Hawkins

Mobility is the secret sauce.

It can not only help existing injuries inside (or outside) of the gym, but it can PREVENT new ones, if done properly.

Todays guest is a special one.

Karon is actually the man I am working with currently on MY body, so you know I have a ton of respect for him.

He goes very in depth on how the body moves, how joints are supposed to work together, how our everyday lives can lead us to not use our bodies correctly.

We go over not only theories and strategies to inform people on how they can fix/prevent injuries, but provide some applicable information you can immediately take and start seeing results.

This is the longest podcast yet, and there is some parts that get a bit in depth… but that is why myself or Karon are here to help answer the questions you guys have. 

It is the longest because we just kept giving too much damn value to stop. 

Let me or Karon know any questions you guys have. Be sure to share this one with a friend if you got any value out of it.

Everyone can benefit from a little mobility work, so don’t be shy to share. 

Below are some links to what we talked about in the podcast, and Karons Info. Til Next Time, -E.


Ian Markow Full Body Car Routine 

ERF Q&A 008: How Much Protein You Should Eat, And Why It Is Important

If you say protein in the mirror 3x, you get huge muscles.

Kidding (wish I wasn’t because I would’ve done it already but), 

Protein is so important. Not only for building muscle, but for keeping bodily functions running properly, for burning calories, for getting micro nutrients, to make sure your body is full and satisfied.

This weeks Q&A is on everything protein.

How much you should eat.

What is does to you.

How you can eat high amounts and not store it as body fat.

I whole heartedly believe that without even changing calories per say, 99/100 if you up your protein, you will see physique changes.

Give it a listen, let me know any questions, and as always leave a rating and review on the podcast. It would mean the world to me. 


ERF Q&A 007: Intermittent Fasting – The Effects, And Women In Particular

Another one of the latest fads…

Intermittent Fasting.

While people claim it to be this miracle weight loss, fat burning, overall body changing experience, like they are in euphoria or something…

What is the real deal behind it?

What are the side effects?

What happens to a females body in particular when they perform it?

Does it really help with fat loss?

Take a listen to find out on your own.  

If you like the content provided within, and only if you do, then please share it with someone. If you know someone thinking of trying it, or who always talks about it, or who is doing it, shoot it their way to see what they think.

Talk soon, -E.


ERF 011: Beyond Macros and Muscles With Jordan Syatt

Guys, I could not be more excited to bring this episode to you guys. I even went out of my way and dropped it a few days early because I am so excited. 

I think it will bring you all so much value. 

Jordan is I believe one a kind within this space. He not only really knows his shit and can get people results, but he does it in a way that is almost therapeutic and incredibly genuine.

We go so much deeper than what your macros should be for fat loss and what exercise are the best to build muscle.

We talk about WHY people struggle with losing weight and what tends to hold people back mentally.

We talk about what it takes to actually see behavior / lifestyle changes and habit creating.

We discuss the difference between men and women on their own respective fat loss journey.

This podcast is truly I believe the best one yet, and I could not be more honored to have Jordan on as the first guest.

I will link his info down below of where you can get more of him.

If you guys did end up liking the podcast as much as I did, PLEASE share it.

Take a screenshot and post it in your IG story or your facebook and tag me so I can see who is listening and thank you personally. 

Instagram- @SyattFitness

Youtube- Jordan Syatt

Podcast- Jordan Syatt Mini Podcast

ERF 010: Tracking Calories Will Always Lead To Results

Tracking what you do is always going to lead to better results, period.

If you track your weights and consistently increase them, you will get stronger and or bigger muscles.

If you track how much your kid is playing baseball, the more hours they practice, the better they get.

And certainly when you track your m&m’s, you’ll see you’re eating too many calories causing you not to lose weight.

This podcast goes over the utter importance of tracking calories/macros, ways to start, and what it can do for your fitness goals.

I know I harp on this a lot… but I believe it is important.

I have people ask me all the time what to do about nutrition… and I say track calories. 

Some people are like yeah yeah but what foods should I eat? Do I have to cut out bread? Just tell me what to do.

While that is nice and all, that is not how it works in real life.

No quick fixes, no broad fix for every person. Track what you eat, get the data and results, and adjust when necessary.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

If you want/need help with YOUR plan, reach out to me and let me know. Would be happy to help.


ERF Q&A 006: Should You Be Sore After Your Workouts?

This is a question I have heard throughout gyms since I started working out.

Heard some people say if you aren’t sore after you workout, you aren’t working hard enough!

Heard if your muscles don’t ache for days, then you aren’t pushing and your body is not changing!

This could not be farther from the truth.

Can you have an effective workout and be sore? Yep.

Can you have an even more effective workout and not be sore? Absolutely.

Some people believe if they aren’t getting or stopped getting sore, then they need to change up their routine and find something new.

Again, couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Give this podcast a listen to learn about what soreness comes from, what factors influence it, why it is arbitrary in achieving your fitness goals, and what you should be tracking instead of how sore you are. 

This podcast was made available by one of you guys who reached out to me and asked me this question. 

I thrive off questions and love answering them! So please reach out to me via dm, email, text, wherever, and ask away! Your question could end up on the podcast!

Thank you all so much,


ERF 009: Rest Days Are Your Best Friend

There is normally two different camps here.

The first is those who don’t take rest days because they think it will hinder their progress.

They think they have to do something every day of the week for at least 1-2 hours or they will lose/stop progress.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This podcast will immensely help those who don’t take rest days out of fear they will gain fat, lose muscle, or just be detrimental.

The second group is those who do take rest days, but aren’t sure what to fill them with.

Let’s remember what a rest day is… a day to give your body and mind a rest.

And while you can still move on your rest days, it is to aid in that.

I went over in depth some different recovery day tactics on my social media this past week, @ericrobertsfitness , on facebook or instagram.

This podcast will go over some of the same, and almost more importantly change the relationship you have with rest days/exercise.. which I believe may be even more important.

Give it a listen, if you enjoy please leave a 5 star rating/review on iTunes… it takes 5 minutes. Don’t be a lazy ass. 

Thank you all! -E.

ERF Q&A 005: Tips For Teachers/Busy Individuals To Keep Nutrition On track

That time is upon us.

Kindergartners scream for mommy and high school kids wish it never came back.

Back to School!

While I couldn’t be more happy that this doesn’t apply to me, for a lot of people it does.

And I know a lot of teachers follow me, and tell me they have a hard time staying on track when they have meetings, can’t leave their classroom, or have to stay late after work.

This quick podcast labels a few ways I have seen work best for teachers, or any individual really who is busy during the day (all of us?).

Give a listen, please share if it helped you. I know these teacher communities roll deep so if it helped, feel free to share it with another.

 Let me know what you think, and if I missed anything that has worked for you please let me know! I am always trying to learn more from those in the trenches!

Until next time, -E.