ERF Q&A 019: What Is “Flexible Dieting” And How Can You Use It To Lose Fat?

Can you really still eat your favorite foods and lose fat?

Well, kind of.

Flexible Dieting gets a lot of attention.

It is something that CAN be very useful, when done right.

What the hell is it though?

I can tell you what it isn’t, eating whatever you want however much you want whenever the hell you want, and thinking you will still lose fat.

It is NOT an easy way out of dieting/losing fat.

It is simply just a way to enjoy your favorite foods, in moderation, with the base of your diet being nutrient dense, Whole Foods.

How can you do this though without over indulging?

Without just saying F it and eating whatever the hell you want?

This podcast goes over exactly what flexible dieting is, and how you can implement it in YOUR fat loss journey.

Let me know what you think. I love feedback so reach out to me with thoughts, questions, concerns.